Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 'Wet Season' at last

There is nothing like some decent rain to bring the tropical lowland rainforest alive, and we have had just that in the last week or so.
The birds, the butterflies, the frogs, the fungi are all coming to life.
Pairs of mating butterflies of all sorts are making the most of sunny weather following good rains, including everyone's favourites, the Ulysses and Cairns Birdwing butterflies.

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly Daintree

The rains have also brought out the rather-stinky 'Bridal Fungi' which emerges from compost heaps and wet earth. Notice the blowflies being attracted to the slimy 'gleba' which emits a rotting smell. They then carry the spore on their feet, or through their intestines, to other locations - thus ensuring further distribution of the fungus. A marvellous world we live in!
Bridal Fungi Red Mill House garden
Many birds have been particularly active since we have had good rains. Red-necked Crake, Bushhen, Black-necked Stork and others.

A beautiful adult Cassowary was spotted bathing in Noah Creek yesterday - just gorgeous!

Southern Cassowary Miki Dengels March 2012