Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fruit-Doves in the Rainforest

The tropical lowland Daintree Rainforest has three brightly coloured fruit-doves, Superb, Rose-crowned and Wompoo, all of which are eagerly sought after by birdwatchers. Surprisingly difficult to see, they feed on fruit, usually high in the rainforest canopy.
This beautiful male Superb Fruit-Dove was lucky to survive, and make a good recovery, after hitting the window of a farmhouse in the Daintree Valley. It is normally difficult to see those beautiful colours in the rainforest. While reasonably common, good views are often just be chance.
Thanks to Donna Davis for the images.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have an Eco Easter

Showcasing the oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforest in the world, tourism operators in the Daintree fittingly offer some of the most environmentally friendly experiences in the country. Not only are many attractions and accommodations in the Daintree ECO-certified, signifying their commitment to sustainable practices and high quality nature-based tourism experiences, but in many cases Daintree businesses use solar and hydro sustainable power. In fact, the Daintree Coast north of the river is home to Australia’s largest sustainable energy community. So if the only guilt you need this Easter is for all the chocolate you eat, then the Daintree’s the place to go. The internationally acclaimed Daintree Discovery Centre has been acknowledged as an Ecotourism leader for many years, with carbon offset programs and award-winning operations, but other local businesses are now joining them at the forefront of sustainable tourism. Following an independent audit by Cairns environmental consultants The Missing Link, Jungle Surfing is now proudly carbon neutral, with their tiny carbon footprint requiring just 140 trees to be planted annually to offset emissions. Jungle Surfing staff and friends last month planted the trees themselves in Cape Tribulation as part of the company’s Community Revegetation Project. Having last year established a nursery of native plants, many of which are endemic to the Daintree, this year the project literally came to fruition with more than 2000 free seedlings provided to local individuals and businesses along with expertise, advice and some essential elbow grease to plant the trees. For more information on Jungle Surfing’s environmental initiatives, or for free trees to plant to give yourself a carbon neutral holiday, please contact For more information on ECO certified products in the Daintree, please go to