Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kingfishers in the Daintree

Everyone's favourite 'the Kingfisher'.
Colourful, with huge bills and full of character, ranging in size from the Little Kingfisher at 12cm, to the Laughing Kookaburra at 48cm.
 We are so fortunate here in Daintree, as seven out of Australia's ten kingfishers are either residents or visitors to the Daintree.
Over the cooler winter months, the Sacred Kingfisher is a regular, feeding in the fields of the Daintree Valley. Often seen on fence posts or power lines, they feed on insects and small reptiles. More turquoise in colour than the dark blue of the Forest Kingfisher, which also feeds in a similar manner and is more common.

A favourite with birdwatchers is the Little Kingfisher - tiny, elusive and a difficult bird for international birders to see in other parts of Australia. The Daintree River and it's creeks and even local still ponds are well known spots for this gem. Being 'true' kingfishers they only eat fish and other small aquatic animals.
At low tide on the Daintree River, you may be lucky enough to see one of these gems.