Monday, October 5, 2009

Tree snake joins boat cruise for lunch

Solar Whisper had some extra excitement on one of their Daintree River cruises this week. David White describes the incident:

"We stopped to look at a tree snake and as we got closer it became very inquisitive, constantly smelling the air with its forked tongue. The snake then swam over and started climbing up on to the boat next to me. After assuring everyone that they are completely harmless, I picked it up and instantly it slithered up my arm and behind my head and onto the top of the croc cam monitor. There was a strange squawk and the snake came out with my resident pet boat frog in its mouth.

If it happened in the tree we would all just watch with morbid fascination as that is nature, but seeing I introduced the snake to the boat I could not just watch, so I pried the snake’s mouth open and denied him his lunch. Freddo is fine."

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