Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rare bird sighting by French backpacker

For only the 5th time in history a Glossy Swiflet has been seen in Australian territory. Earlier this year the Birds Australia Rarities Committee accepted Jean-Florent Mandelbaum's submission of a Glossy Swiflet seen at Daintree last year:

Jean-Florent visited Daintree in August of 2006. He stayed at Crocodylus and came out on our dawn river tour. To pluck out a swift as a new bird is no mean feat. Swifts don't perch like swallows or martins and the identification needs to be made on the wing. Jean-Florent did this from Stewart Creek Road overlooking the Daintree River where he found the Glossy Swiflet in amongst hundreds of our local White-rumped Swiftlets. But then Jean-Florent is no normal backpacker. He speaks 4 languages, plays the violin professionally, is a law, business & economics graduate, tutors English, maths & economics, has co-written the "Birds of Paris" field guide to be published next year and is the president of the local rowing club. Jean-Florent turns 24 in November.

Chris Dahlberg

Ocean Rafting for Cape Trib

As of 1st November 2007 – Ocean Rafting will be introduced into the marine sector of the Ocean Hotels Cape Tribulation Resorts.

Ocean Rafting will be a ½ day safari with snorkelling, adventure and ultimate fun. Ocean Rafting also encompasses and focuses on participation and education, appealing to the adventurous and the young at heart.

The Ocean Hotels Vessel Odyssey H20 will run as per normal until November.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The frog on the croc!

Daintree River Snippet from Solar Whisper

On one of the warmer days a 3m female croc came up on the bank to warm up and she bumped a hanging piece of rattan (wait a while) and a small White Lipped Green Tree Frog dropped onto her head! It nestled up beside her and stayed there for a couple of hours even though the croc moved around warming up one side then the other.

Scent of the paperbark flowers

As you walk down to Myall beach, the sweet honey smell of the paperbark flowers wafts around you. It follows you all the way down to the beach through the mangrove boardwalk. A wonderful scent and a special time of the year.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Daintre Ferry and low tides

A note from the Douglas Shire Council
This is to advise that due to low tides the ferry service across the> Daintree River may be delayed between the hours of 2.00pm and 5.00pm on Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May 2007

Monday, May 7, 2007

Solar Whisper Daintree River Report # 202

Scarface and one of his croc girlfriends have now finished digesting their big Grouper and have disappeared into their respective creeks. There have been two other adult females out and the huge Fat Albert has made a few appearances along with all the reliable juveniles. There have been quite a few tree snakes out and the rain brought out one python. As it gets cooler we are seeing more Sacred Kingfishers and other winter birds like Rainbow Bee-eaters and the secretive Nankeen Night Heron.

David and Tyna White

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Odyssey H2O running again

After a few months out of the water being overhauled, there are now 2 dive boats operating from Cape Trib Beach out to the Great Barrier Reef - Rumrunner and Odyssey. The boats visit eith Undine Reef or Mackay Reef - less than one hour offshore, and there are no other boats. A very personal and enjoyable experience. You get 5 hours of snorkelling/diving in to your day

Fresh tropical fruit for sale

Freshly picked rambutans are available at the Cape Trib Farmstay, just past PKs on the left at Cape Trib. Colin and Dawn have been picking and packing rambutans for the Sydney markets. They have a roadside sign at the front gate - Tropical Fruit for Sale - drive in! Bags of rambutans at $2 a bag are very good value and a wonderful tropical fruit to snack on - like a hairy lychee. The season will only last a few more weeks.

Lace monitor joins picnickers for lunch

The large goannas or lace monitors that roam Kulki - the Cape Trib Beach picnic area are now associating people with food and are demanding lunch even if they havent been invited. Several visitors have abandoned their food and fled. So please dont feed the wildlife.

Friday, May 4, 2007

New restaurant - bar opens at Cape Trib

Whet Restaurant and Bar opened last week. It is on the main road just before Dubuji. A wide choice of entrees, mains and desserts. Local produce such as breadfruit, is a feature on the menu. You can drop in for a drink, relax in the leather lounges or dine on the verandah under the huge shade sail with a rainforest backdrop.

This increases the choices for eating out at Cape Trib - now 7 places within 2 km: Whet, Dragonfly Cafe Gallery, Cassowary for pizza and pasta, Beach House, The Cape and backpacker food at PKs and the takeaway at Masons Shop