Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekly Report Daintree Coast 3/12/07 - 9/12/07

Wow it has been HOT! Last weekend had temperatures up to 37% so the creeks were a welcome place to cool off. Some storms have been visible, but we have had very little rain. The winds have tended to afternoon northerlies.

Now that we have had the first rains, and the northerlies are here, we do not recommend any swimming on beaches in the Daintree Coast. There are no stinger nets here and the risk of stingers is too high. Try swimming in a waterhole at Emmagen or Mason’s instead.

Forecast:Scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms, tending to areas of rain overnight.Chiefly light winds. A moderate to high fire dangerOutlook for Tuesday ... Scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms tending torain areas at times.
Outlook for Wednesday ... Scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms

North Tropical Waters, Cooktown to Cardwell:Monday until midnight: SE winds 10/15 knots reaching 15/20 knots at times during the morning south of about Cairns. Winds tending E/NE 10/15 knots inshore in the afternoon. Seas 1.2 to 1.5 metres. Showers and isolated thunderstorms with squalls. Overnight rain areas.Tuesday: Variable winds 5/15 knots with afternoon NE sea breezes about 10 knots. Seas 0.5 to 1 metre. Showers and isolated thunderstorms. Morning rain areas.Wednesday: Variable winds 5/10 knots with afternoon NE sea breezes.

Roads – the road to Cape Trib is open. Storms can bring down the odd tree so drive carefully. There has been no flooding recently.

The Bloomfield Track is open to 4WDs only and is in fair condition. Some mud patches are developing. We recommend the use of low gear (low range if available on steep descents) The creek crossings are about 0.5m deep and will have rocks in them after flooding. Low clearance 4WDs may have trouble. I recommend all crossings be walked before driving, except Bloomfield Causeway which has a Croc risk. The Bloomfield Causeway has subsided on the northern downstream side and it is important you do not drive on this area.

Tides – are high morning and low afternoon all this week, so afternoon beach walks are the go.

Although the accommodation houses are not as busy, we still recommend pre booking