Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daintree Coast Weekly Report 31/12/07 - 6/01/08

It’s been a nice wet end to 2007, with a number of significant falls over the last week. The Wet season has arrived and now all the creeks are flowing nicely, with water everywhere. The rain has cooled it down somewhat as well. We can now hear thousands of White Lipped Green Tree Frogs in the swamps, from a distance they sound like Aboriginal Clicking Sticks.
From the forecast it seems that rain periods are likely to continue this week. The winds will be light to moderate during the week, but localized strong winds can experienced in association with Monsoonal Storms.
Its very hard to accurately predict monsoonal weather, hence the Weather Bureau saying ‘Scattered Showers’
NORTH TROPICAL COAST AND TABLELANDS DISTRICTIsolated coastal showers tending scattered with areas of rain over far northernparts. Moderate SE winds.Outlook for Tuesday ... Scattered showers, rain in the north.Outlook for Wednesday ... Scattered showers, rain in the north. North Tropical Waters, Cooktown to Cardwell:
Monday until midnight: S/SE winds to 15/20 knots. Seas abating to 1.7 metres outside the reef on a 2 metre SE swell, and to 1.2 metres inside. Scattered showers.
Tuesday: SE/E winds 10/15 knots, afternoon seabreezes inshore. Seas abating to 1.2 metres outside the reef on a 2 metre SE swell, and to 0.8 metre inside the reef. Scattered showers.
Wednesday: SE/E winds 10/15 knots, afternoon seabreezes inshore.
The road to Cape Tribulation is open, but there has been localized flooding, in places, particularly at Cooper Creek. Despite repeated requests our Council has still to build a high level causeway there. The flooding abates quite quickly when the rain stops, so there have been no days where the road has been cut all day. Those in small cars should be cautious about crossing, I have seen some very ‘bold’ drivers this week, and I would say a couple have been very lucky. Also keep in mind that a car rental company would rather their car in one piece and the hirer alive at the conclusion of the rental period. Ask your self if it’s really worth the risk to catch a flight…
The Bloomfield Track is currently closed, not officially, but there are large fallen trees blocking it. I will go and have a look this afternoon and see the extent of the problem. Those attempting the track should only do so in heavy duty 4WDs, and be prepared for very deep, washed out and rocky river crossings. My 2007 tide chart has run out so no tide info until I get a new one! Happy New Year!