Monday, September 3, 2007

Mating Snakes on the Daintree River

Just about every morning this week, we have seen bundles of tree snakes together. There is usually one larger female putting out the pheromones and up to four or five males attracted to her at the same time. We zoomed in on one of the male’s head on the ‘Croc Cam’ and he had a huge yawn, so we guess he wasn’t the first one there, or maybe he was.

One morning ‘Elizabeth’ (2.5m croc) had a 3.5m dead python in her mouth, then ‘Fat Albert’ came along and stole it. He then left it and swam right around “Pig Island” and stole it off her a second time and the he spat it out and swam off again. The next day he was gone and she was lying next to the snake which was still intact. We think the crocs are still full from that cow about a month ago.

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