Monday, September 10, 2007

Crocodiles on the move as water warms up

It is warming up on the Daintree (water temp. 26deg.) and the Crocodile behaviour is changing.

The males are moving around more and patrolling their territory and the females are looking for suitable nesting sites.

The other day a second female turned up on the outside of “Pig Island” who hasn’t been their since last nesting season. On a very low tide we saw her moving along the bank looking for a crab or fish to eat and she was heading for our one and only juvenile croc from last year (due to cyclone Monica). When she was about 4m downwind of the little 1 ½ year old she submerged and looped out to approach it from the deep water. Then she kept on getting closer and closer with just her eyes and nostrils out and luckily junior noticed and took off up into the mangrove roots to safety.

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