Monday, July 27, 2009

Green Star Rating awarded to Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa

Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa is proud to have been awarded with a Green Star rating.

The standards for Green STARS were developed in a partnership between AAA Tourism and Green Globe under the guidance of the Australian Government established Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.

Some of the key initiatives the Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa have undertaken are (to name a few):

* Environmentally-friendly water treatment and septic system
* Native flora regeneration program
* Mini-bars have been removed from all rooms and have been replaced with a wholesale order system. (Guests are provided with a list of beverages available for purchase, selected beverages are then delivered to the Room)
* Telephones will be removed from the Rainforest Retreats, ensuring the ultimate Eco experience without distraction. (Emergency Phones will be available for use in close proximity to Rooms)

To be awarded a Green STARS endorsement a property must achieve the designated minimum point score against the set of practical environmental criteria. For full details of the criteria, download Green Star Guidelines [pdf 65KB]