Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Rainforest Experience in the Daintree

Finally, a rainforest experience that showcases the best of the world's oldest surviving rainforest - without modification! Travelers to tropical north Queensland are directed into a variety of 'Daintree Rainforests' featuring artificial structures including boardwalks, vehicle-based tours, bike-riding, horse-riding, bunjy-jumping, parachuting, hang-gliding, zip-lining, cable-gondolas ... the choices are incredible. But the greatest difficulty would seem to be the getting into pristine rainforest without any gimmickry at all.

Genuine old-growth rainforest, spectacular in its grandeur is presented not through the construction and maintenance of a formal trail network, but rather through the knowledge and memory of the inhabitant guide.

Over twelve months of familiarisation has brought a new concept of a longer, more intensive guided tour to fruition. So far, perhaps only a dozen small groups having undertaken the experience by day, and a mere four single bookings at night. The rewards are quite clearly beyond those that have become so familiar to us from our formal network of presentation trails. Unadulterated wilderness has been particularly gratifying for a determined minority of travellers.

At about the halfway point in the experience, a rather tricky creek crossing requires the concentration of the party to descend a 10-metre embankment down a steep decline. Much thought will need to be given to this aspect of the experience, but in the meantime a somewhat precautionary scramble has to suffice.

Interested persons, wanting to experience this spectacular and inspirational rainforest should contact Cooper Creek Wilderness for more information or to lodge an expression of interest through our booking page.