Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daintree Coast Weekly Report 17/3/08 - 23/3/08

The Wet Season is still here, with significant falls still occurring. So far we have had more than 1m of rain this month. The place is now fully waterlogged, even the frogs are giving up, they have had too much of a good thing! I bought gumboots last week…

I feel very positive about the weather later in the year, as a good wet often means better weather later on. Let’s hope I am right!

Not a good week for the reef unless the winds moderate on Wednesday. While the weather looks bad, it’s worth remembering that March is the wettest month of the year, and there is nothing unusual about the forecasts below.

Rumrunner will not be running between the 22ns March - 4th April due to yearly Boat Maintenance, however Ocean Safari will continue to operate ½ Day Reef Tours during this time.

NORTH TROPICAL COAST AND TABLELANDS DISTRICTFlood warning current for the Tully and Murray Rivers. Scattered showers aboutthe coast and adjacent ranges but widespread north of Cairns during the morning.Isolated showers and local thunderstorms further inland. SE winds, fresh andgusty at times.Outlook for Tuesday ... Isolated showers about the coast and rangesincreasing to scattered later in the day Isolated afternoon showers inland. SEwinds.Outlook for Wednesday ... Scattered showers most parts but just isolated in thefar west. SE winds.

North Tropical Waters, Cooktown to Cardwell:Strong wind warning issued for waters south of Cairns.Monday until midnight: SE winds 20/30 knots south of Cairns, easing to 20/25 knots by late morning. SE winds 20/25 knots to the north. Seas to 2.5 metres outside the reef on a 2 metre SE swell. Seas easing to 1.5 metres inside the reef. Scattered squally showers.Tuesday: SE winds 20/25 knots. Seas to 2.2 metres outside the reef on a 2 metre SE swell. Seas to 1.5 metres inside the reef.Wednesday: SE winds 20/25 knots.

The road to Cape Tribulation is open, but after heavy rain, there may be localized flooding. I recommend caution when crossing patches of floodwater, even in 4WDs. It is very easy for an inexperienced driver to misjudge this water and be washed away. Drivers should also be aware of fallen branches and trees on the road after wind.
Yesterday a small rental car attempted to cross Emmagen Creek and was swamped. It is likely to be a write off or a costly repair bill. This crossing is currently challenging for a large 4WD, so why they did this is a mystery.
Please be careful crossing flooded creeks!

The Bloomfield Track is currently closed. I drove as far as the Bloomfield Crossing, and was stopped deep, fast water. The Woobadda River is very deep. I would only recommend heavy duty 4WDs attempt the Bloomfield road at present, and don’t try a crossing that is too deep for your 4WD. Tides are high morning and low afternoon all week, with some high enough to flood the Bloomfield Causeway.