Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daintree Coast Weekly Report 7/1 - 13/1 with extra paragraph!!

The last week has seen lots of sultry weather, with patches of rain, typical for this time of the year. Despite the best efforts of the media in suggesting it was going to happen, no-one has been blown away by a cyclone.
Our weeks weather will likely be influenced by ex tropical cyclone Helen as it crosses the Gulf Coast today. If the Rain Depression comes across this way, we will get heavy rain, if it passes south of us, it will fine up. Bets anyone?
The rain has really made the forest green up and there are birds, lizards, frogs and snakes everywhere. It is a great time for wildlife spotting.
NORTH TROPICAL COAST AND TABLELANDS DISTRICTScattered showers and isolated thunderstorms tending to rain tonight. Somemoderate to heavy falls developing during the day. Light to moderate N to NWwinds.Outlook for Tuesday ... Scattered showers, thunderstorms and areas of rainwith moderate to heavy falls. Outlook for Wednesday ... Scattered showers, thunderstorms and areas of rain.Some moderate to heavy falls. North Tropical Waters, Cooktown to Cardwell:
Monday until midnight: NE/N winds freshening to 15/20 knots with seas to 1.5 metres. Rain areas and isolated thunderstorms.
Tuesday: N/NW winds 15/20 knots. Seas to 1.5 metres. Rain areas and isolated thunderstorms.
Wednesday: N/NE winds 15/20 knots becoming SE in the south 15/20 knots. The road to Cape Tribulation is open, but if any of the forecast heavy rain evens materialize, there may be localized flooding. I recommend caution when crossing patches of floodwater, even in 4WDs. It is very easy for an inexperienced driver to misjudge this water and be washed away. The Bloomfield Track is currently open, but is also prone to localized flooding after rainevents. Those attempting the track should only do so in heavy duty 4WDs, and be prepared for very deep, washed out and rocky river crossings. It is also a good idea to seek local advice on the day. High tides this week start at 9am today and slide to midday by Sunday. Lows start at 3pm and slide to 8pm by Sunday. There are also some good lows around sunrise from Frday.