Monday, June 11, 2007

Pulses race as crocodile charges

Last Friday was a very cold day on the river and most of the crocs stayed in the water. Since then the weather has been great for them to catch up on their lost sunbaking time.

Fat Albert (5m male croc) has been around quite a lot lately and on Saturday he gave us a reminder that he is the boss. After lying still all day he was swimming down a creek towards us and he stopped up against the bank. While we were looking at him a snake dropped out of the tree behind us and started swimming across the creek, so we backed up to look at it. Fat Albert was either interested in the snake or we got in his way, but we looked back and he was charging straight towards us. We accelerated and he flicked downstream about a metre away. He could not do anything to the boat but it sure got everyone’s’ pulses racing.

From David White, Solar Whisper Wildlife Cruises